Am I Free To Go? – The Soft Pink Truth

Am I Free To Go?アルバムカバー
Release Date: 2020-05-27
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Tracklist :
1. Hellish View (Disclose cover), Outro voice by NTsKi
2. Fuck Nazi Sympathy (Aus-Rotten cover)
3. Multinationella Mördare (Totalitär cover)
4. Police Bastard (Doom cover)
5. Profithysteri (Skitsystem cover)
6. Respect the Earth (Crude SS cover)
7. Cybergod (Nausea cover)
8. Death Earth (Gloom cover)
9. Space Formerly Occupied by An Amebix Cover But Fuck That Guy for Being a Holocaust Denier
10. Protest and Survive (Discharge cover)